What Is A Midwife Park City And What Do They Do?

midwife park city

Let’s start out by talking about what exactly a midwife is. A midwife is a nurse who goes through many years of school and specializes in prenatal care and childbirth. Midwives have been around for many years and it’s common for midwives to attend many childbirths. Today more than 50% of pregnant women who have low-risk pregnancies will choose a midwife over an ob-gyn. So if you are thinking about hiring a midwife park city instead of a doctor there are some things to consider. This Guide can help you make a decision.

What Is A Midwife And What Do They Do?

A midwife will provide pre and postnatal care to all pregnant women as well as perform births. They also offer breastfeeding and nutritional support. Midwives always tend to focus more on low-risk births and moms who want to avoid surgical interventions like epidurals, drugs, and medications that induce labor.

Is A Midwife A Doctor?

A midwife is not a doctor but they are licensed and certified nurses and are highly trained. Midwives cannot perform c-sections by themselves. Midwives can prescribe medications, epidurals, and any other medications, but they are most less likely to do because the main goal is to avoid all that. While a midwife can attend and help with low-risk births without a doctor being present, they will have to call a doctor if any complications happen that might lead to a C-section.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Midwife?

Midwives are often more concerned about you and your mental health than a regular ob-gyn doctor is. They’re also more likely to teach you all about breastfeeding and nutrition before the baby arrives. Often midwives will come and help you with the baby after you have given birth to your baby. A regular ob-gyn wouldn’t provide you the same care as a midwife would.

Is A Midwife Covered By Insurance?

The cost of midwife care can cost anywhere between $2,000 to $6,000 depending on where you live.  Most midwives are covered by insurance, but you’ll have to make sure with your insurance. Their priority is to provide you safe and good care without you having to pay thousands of dollars. An ob-gyn will most likely cost you a couple of thousand dollars more than a midwife and with a midwife, you get more personal care. So it is completely worth having a midwife by your side during pregnancy.

How Can You Find A Good Midwife?

The best way to find the right midwife for you is to do a lot of research and ask other women who have already worked with a midwife park city. Meet with a few midwives and ask them any questions you want. You’ll want to pick a midwife that satisfies all your needs and one that is willing to treat you like their family. Also, choose a midwife who has a lot of experience.